In a Montessori music program, children are provided with opportunities to engage in hands-on experiences with various musical instruments, learn about different genres of music, develop rhythmic skills through movement and dance, and cultivate their listening abilities.

Music Program

Montessori of the village Music Program

  • Music

    1. Singing
    2. Rhythmic activities
    3. Musical games
    4. Instruments
    5. Music through body movement

At Montessori of the Village, our philosophy is to foster independence, love of learning, and a positive sense of self in a prepared environment. Through working with the Montessori materials in a mixed-age community, children’s fine and gross motor skills, care for the school environment, care of themselves, academic skills, as well as grace and courtesy skills are developed. 

Uniquely, activities are created to attract the child. Even the academics exercises are chosen by the child who is engaged and intrigued. While our guides create an individual lesson plan for each child and guide children to work in each area of the classroom, this is done by the child’s attraction to the activity. 

A Montessori classroom is a specially prepared learning environment designed to meet the developmental needs of young children and to appeal to their diverse learning styles. The Montessori environment is also prepared to foster independence, grace and courtesy and a sense of personal responsibility. Montessori developed all of her materials to initially isolate a concept or new skill before combining more complex skills and processes. 

The multi-faceted materials are organized in the following areas: practical life, sensorial, language, mathematics, science, geography, music, and art.

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