Montessori pre-primary programs also prioritize practical life skills such as self-care routines, grace and courtesy manners, and organizational skills. These skills lay a strong foundation for future academic success while promoting independence and responsibility.

Pre-Primary Program

Montessori of the village Pre-Primary Program

Montessori of the Village is organized to facilitate spontaneous development in children. Because development occurs for each child as an individual, a typical day provides numerous opportunities for the children to choose and complete activities independently. Their work follows their interests.

Preschool Schedule

  • 7am-8am  Toys, Library, Coloring

    8am-8:30 Outside play

    8:30-8:40  Line up, wash hands

    8:40-9:00  Group time; This group activity will include calling the roll, grace and courtesy lessons and lessons on new activities in the classroom.

    9:00-12:00 Individual work time/Snack time. Children will work on Montessori materials individually or have small group lessons. One-on-one lessons are also given at this time. Snack is also available to them till 10:15am. 

    12:00-1:00   Lunch & Outside play

    1:00-1:10  Line-up,Wash-up

    1:10-1:20  Chapter Book Reading

    1:20-1:40 Journaling

    1:40-3:00  This part of our Pre Primary’s day consists of group lessons. Group Lessons are designed to equip our students in learning in a large group setting for school environments they may experience after graduating from Montessori of the Village. Group Lessons will focus on Culture/Geography, Language, Handwriting, Biology, Zoology and Artist’s and Composer Appreciation

    3:00-3:45  Inside activities; cooperative games, playdough, crafts

    3:45-4:00  Tidy up environment, get ready for outside play

    4:00-5:00  Outside Play

    5:00-5:15  Tidy up environment, line-up, wash-up

    5:15-5:45  Toys, Library, Coloring, Story time

    5:45-5:55  Tidy up environment and get ready for departure

    6:00 School Closes

It is important to maintain a consistent schedule. Children at Montessori of the Village enjoy a predictable routine. The following schedule is used on a daily basis with changes occurring on special days such as holidays and in-house Enrichment Programs such as Dance and Mandarin.

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