In Montessori toddler programs, children are encouraged to explore their surroundings, develop independence, and build important life skills. The classroom environment is carefully prepared with age-appropriate materials that stimulate the child’s senses and promote exploration. Teachers act as guides, observing the child’s interests and facilitating learning experiences based on their individual needs.

Toddler Programs

Our Toddler Program at Montessori of the Village

Montessori of the Village is organized to facilitate spontaneous development in children. Because development occurs for each child as an individual, a typical day provides numerous opportunities for the children to choose and complete activities independently. Their work follows their interests.

Toddler Schedule

  • 7:00-8:30  Toys, Library, Coloring

    8:30-9:00 Outside play

    9:00 Morning Bell Rings Line up, wash hands and sit on carpet for group

    9:10-9:30  Group time; This group activity will include calling the roll, grace and courtesy lessons and lessons on new activities in the classroom.

    9:30-11:00 Individual work time/Snack time. Children will work on Montessori materials individually or have small group lessons. One-on-one lessons are also given at this time. Snack is also available to them till 10:15am. Diapers are changed as needed.  

    11:00-11:30  Outside play

    11:30-11:40  Line-up,wash-up, get ready for lunch

    11:40-12:15 Lunch time

    12:15-12:30 Wash-up, toileting, diaper changes, get ready for nap

    12:30-2:30  Nap time

    2:30-3:00  Tidy up environment from nap, diaper changes if necessary, Snack is served.

    3:00-3:45  Inside activities; cooperative games, playdough, crafts

    3:45-4:00  Tidy up environment, get ready for outside play

    4:00-5:00  Outside Play

    5:00-5:15  Tidy up environment, line-up, wash-up, Diapers are changed as needed

    5:15-5:45  Toys, Library, Coloring, Story time

    5:45-5:55  Tidy up environment and get ready for departure

    6:00 School Closes

It is important to maintain a consistent schedule. Children at Montessori of the Village enjoy a predictable routine. The following schedule is used on a daily basis with changes occurring on special days such as holidays and in house Enrichment Programs such as Dance, Music and Mandarin.

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