This innovative program is designed to foster a love for science from an early age, allowing children to engage with the subject in a way that is both educational and enjoyable.

Science Program

Montessori of the village Science Program


  1. Real-world opportunities to become aware of the natural world
  2. Hands-on experience with weather, plants, seashells, etc.
  3. Opportunities to care for plants
  4. Experiences demonstrating our relationship to the natural environment

Peace Education – Geography, Science, Cultures, and Languages 

The cultural subjects encourage a child’s ability to concentrate and to enjoy learning about the greater world outside the classroom. The Cultural Subjects area provides structured activities in the basics of geography, history, botany and scientific method, as well as the arts. The children are encouraged to ask questions about the world and to research and document the answers. 

As an important component of Montessori peace education, we study the world as world citizens. As the different continents are introduced to the children, we look at pictures of children and families all over the world doing the very same things that they like to do; playing, eating, going to school, and cuddling with their parents! We admire the differences and celebrate the things we have in common. The older children learn the names of the continents and their countries and are often moved to create beautiful maps. We also have Chinese lessons by Mrs. Kwok  as part of their curriculum on Friday mornings.

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