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Parent News

Stay Informed at the Montessori of the Village

For all the news, announcements, and schedules for Montessori of the Village, please click below.

Yearly Calendar

Our yearly calendar at Montessori of the Village details all of the events, dates open, and activities that your child will take part in.  Click below to view the calendar.

Monthly Newsletter

All parents can view the monthly newsletter for Montessori of the Village for all the updates, alerts, and monthly agenda for their child.  View the newsletter below!

Monthly Lunch Menu

See all the delicious meals, snacks, and treats your child will be having here at Montessori of the Village.  To view the lunch menu, click below.

Monthly Snack Menu

It’s snack time!  For more on snacks and all the delicious items your child will be having for snack time at Montessori of the Village, click below to view menu.

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