What is Montessori Education?  Many individuals can relate that they do not know what an exact Montessori-level Education is.  Montessori Education is a level of education that is based on hands-on learning and a collaborative educational atmosphere.  The make up of a typical Montessori classroom helps promote children to be more creative in their learning, while most other preschools are very restricted in this aspect.  Each highly-skilled teacher in every classroom offers their student appropriate items to help grow and mature your child’s mind.  Whether it be in the classroom or the playground, each child will work in a group setting.  This allows them to learn how to collaborate with other children their age, and develop their communication skills in a creative and collaborative atmosphere.  At Montessori of the Village in Westlake Village, we make sure your child sets out on the right path.  Make sure to contact us or visit our website at www.montessoriofthevillage.com.

What is the Montessori Method?

Montessori education was first introduced by Dr. Maria Montessori back in the early 1900’s.  Dr. Montessori believed that children will learn and achieve more by teachers who encourage and support the teachings.  A traditional Montessori classroom has different areas set up for your child to learn and develop their skills.  Each classroom will look different but will have some similarities in it.  Each classroom will have:

  • Different activity stations
  • Teachers engaged and walking from group to group
  • A nontraditional grading system.
  • A focus on all aspects of a student (social, emotional, intellectual, etc.,)

Yes, we do teach your child the basics that every child needs to learn for their educational foundation; but we also expand their horizons so they succeed in every aspect of their life.  The traditional values of the Montessori education are brought to your child so they can have a full education both on the informational and practical aspects.  For more information about our curriculum or our Montessori, please contact us at Montessori of the Village at (818) 991-0720.

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